Friday, October 31, 2014

Baton Rouge SEO Poised to Respond to Google Mobile UX When it Happens

Baton Rouge SEO companies like RedStickSEO.com have been at the forefront of responsive web design development. This approach to web design enables users of any mobile device to view a website in the best possible format. By designing the website to change with the varying screen sizes and resolutions of mobile devices, any brand, business, or organization can provide a highly satisfactory mobile user experience. An SEO practitioner that offers responsive web design should at least know a thing or two about mobile SEO. If your website does not adapt responsive web design soon, Google estimates point out that three out of five users will search for one that does. Clearly, this translates to lost opportunities in terms of profits and new leads.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Does your SEO change with the times?

If your company has had an Internet presence for quite a while now, you’ll probably remember a time when ranking on search engine results pages, or SERPs, involved the simple activity of building as many inbound links as possible. Once upon a time, that was how search engines operated, equating inbound links as a sign of a webpage’s authority.

Friday, October 24, 2014

SMO Effects

A great venue for marketers to engage with their customers is social media. Here the message disseminated does not stop with the customer, but is extended with friends and family. That happens with widgets, badges, content sharing, sign in, social commenting, link building, and keywords.

A widget is an app that captures information from a website and does something useful with it. This is taken advantage of by users in social media. Done when they copy content from your website that they post on their page to be precise. Using badges on the other had is a bit more complicated. This entails users using material from your website through embedded code. Allowing the public to grab your content is free publicity. That’s why it is vital to make all your post interesting to entice content sharing onto your niche.

Getting your prospect to sign in to your site is easier via popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. Achieving this connects visitors that have a lot in common. And through conversation on your site, you can expect longer views, more page reviews, and increase sales from your website.

Commenting from your business’s profile to a targeted user generates traffic to your site. Because when comment is delightfully accepted, the user might just share it to his contacts. Making him the channel to which your message is delivered.

Here are just a few reasons that make social media optimization relevant in modern marketing. Take advantage of it now by getting in touch with a reliable Baton Rouge SEO firm like Red Stick SEO. Where they not only promote, but engage with your customers.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Consumer Behavior

Two factors that made it possible are mobile phones, and the internet. People seeking products/services don’t just browse on items anymore, but inspect them thoroughly. 

Websites serves as online portfolios. They are still extremely relevant to your online marketing these days. However, due to recent consumer patterns your site needs to be more proactive in acquiring patrons. Why? It’s because consumers today rely heavily on smart phones when making inquiries about products/services, creating a need for your site to adapt on any platform. The same also goes with reviews. One must be more proactive securing them from customers, due to their effectiveness as online marketing tools because they’re created by customers who are initially critical to the product/service.

Your Responsibility

Local buzz addresses your need to adapt. This product takes charge in strengthening your online presence locally. Its features, namely local listing, reviews, and promotions, are designed to lure people in to your business.

Citations on local listings like Google Places, Bing Local, Facebook Places, and Foursquare aid your customers in finding you. These sites also simplify the process of receiving reviews.

Nothing attracts customers more than discounts. Yes! You can put out coupons online. This eliminates the need of putting it on the daily paper or manually inserting them on windshields and mail boxes that’s exhausting, and inefficient.

These variables promote effectiveness making the need of excessively promoting your business on print and broadcast somehow go obsolete. To ensure success better go with a Baton Rouge SEO company like Red Stick SEO. Their expertise includes using a format that’s helpful to capture the interest of your niche.