Friday, December 26, 2014

Ranking the Multilingual website

Some English language-based businesses will try to cater to customers from other countries or the local expatriate communities with English as a second language. Such situations will require creating versions of websites that allow users to click on a certain section to adjust language settings. The problem though is how each language-specific site can rank well in the online searches, underlining the need for Baton Rouge SEO, or search engine optimization online marketing consultants.
Getting Mappy
Market research, with emphasis on potential customer locations, is essential to fixing your website around the right languages. For the Baton Rouge area, for instance, your clients may speak English or French – same principle applies if you’re from the northern states servicing Canadians from Quebec. A Spanish-language section may work if you have customers from areas that are habla EspaƱol, such as those from Latin America.
Domain is Mine
The website’s domain may depend on the language options you’re focusing. Ample investment is needed when you’re aiming for a website sporting ccTLDs, or the country domains that have the international ICANN suffixes in place of .com (ex. MyWebsiteDomain.fr for a French site, MyWebsiteDomain.uk for a British English-language site, etc.). gTLD Subdomains are a variation with the country suffix ahead of the domain name. gTLD directories are for sections of the main website with the different language options.

Having a website that has different languages for specific customer groups may be vital to getting more rankings. The content should also stay in sync with the language. 

Monday, December 22, 2014

Virtual Habits Adjustment

Smart phones have adjusted our online habits. Online shopping, reviews, browsing, gaming—we do so much with our phones. All the more, any business needs responsive web design in order to be viewed properly on every device, may it be smart phone, laptop, desktop, or a TV set. 


Each page on your site requires a lot of code tweaking with browser detection and mobile device detection to adjust on a phone’s lack of JavaScript. The tricky part is that effectiveness on deducing HTML and CSS features still depends on its conjunction towards a device’s database capabilities.

A mobile responsive site will be opened on different types of smartphones. Testing it with emulators is required to check if your site resizes correctly, which makes panning, scrolling easier when navigating.

Let the Pros Do It.

If you want to do this yourself, then you must dedicate at least a few months of your life, studying and coding, and testing. While that can be quite rewarding, you might not have the luxury of time as you run your business. A great option is to ask a Baton Rouge SEO firm like Red Stick SEO to do the task for you. Check out what they can do (http://redstickseo.com/services-we-offer/web-design/) then contact them immediately. To keep up with the revolution created by smartphones not only for you, but for customers as well.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Blogs Competing for Attention

There are literally millions of bloggers today, and even the most voracious of readers doesn’t have time to consume the massive amounts of content being generated each day. If you want to promote your business via blogging, here are a few pointers to give you an edge over the competition.

Concise Text for Skimmers

Make it an easy scan. You only have a few seconds to capture the attention of an internet surfer. Make it easy for your readers to know which parts hold important information by using bold text. Font type and size should be carefully selected not just for aesthetics, but for width size. Long paragraphs can turn off readers; shorten them instead.


Attracting Your Niche

Simply reporting facts on your blog would not guarantee readership. The problem with posting news is there are a lot of other websites that deliver the same service. You have to give your content a personal touch. Maybe you can publish some editorial pieces about controversial topics. It may be intimidating, but making a stand will also help you find people who share your views. Blogging presents an opportunity for you to introduce what your business is all about. You can do it yourself with these rules. Though, you might attract the wrong crowd with a random targeting strategy. Remember, niche exposure is a priority! That’s why it would be best to ask a Baton Rouge SEO firm like Red Stick SEO for help. They are exposed with social media optimization strategies. Who will make sure to attract a niche through keywords relevant to your business; produce content that persuades prospects to look into your service.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Baton Rouge SEO Services: Three SEO Trends that Will Continue in 2015

There’s already much for online marketers to revel in as the year draws to a close. The greater usage of social media channels and expanded image-based content marketing, so far, this year already gave business owners a wider arena to promote their product or service. Businesses need to think several steps ahead of the competition with 2015 on the horizon. That’s where a Baton Rouge SEO company like RedStick SEO can come in to help you with your options, a few of which Moran has taken time to dissect.