Friday, May 2, 2014

When Images Add to Better Rankings

It can get rather boring when you browse a website full of quality content and all you see are walls of text. You may consider spicing things up with a number of descriptive images. However, if you want to push up the site’s rankings, much legwork will be needed in tweaking the pics you upload, and that’s where your SEO specialist comes in.

Search engines spiders can probe through every line of website code for allowed elements that will help boost its ranking, right down to the filename of the picture. Change the filename of each picture you upload from the stock name generated when the picture was taken to a more descriptive name. For example: an image of airplanes leaving contrails may warrant tagging as airplane-contrails.jpg from IMG0001.jpg.
Some SEO experts point out that loading times matter in rankings– and images are among the worst culprits in bringing them down. That in mind, you should avoid uploading hi-resolution images. It’s better to adjust the image in an editing program to an acceptable size then upload the file. Do not have the browser resize the image either.
Alt Tags
Based on the above sample, consider inserting alt texts into the HTML code for each image by putting it in the format <img src=" airplane-contrails.jpg" alt="Airplane contrails"/>. The tags allow the spiders to properly mark the image for accounting in the rankings.
Fixing the images for SEO will work well in lifting your entry towards the higher perches.

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