Thursday, September 18, 2014

Appealing and Easy Navigation for Websites

There are many factors in having a good responsive website. However, the most fundamental one is this: the simpler it is, the easier it is for visitors to browse through. Basically, the more intuitive the experience is, the more people will be encouraged to click and explore.

What Does a Clean Website Look Like?

You should have tabs for your every category. If you own a clothing company, separate tabs for men, women, accessories, shoes, size charts and shipping option, if there’s any. The longer your visitors are trying to figure out where they are going, the greater the risk of you losing them. Place your company’s information, contact details and social media buttons at the bottom part of each page of your website for easier navigation.

Go for Visual and Interactive

When visitors open your website, having videos, pop-ups and music playing right away can be off-putting. Flashy objects tend to take your visitors’ attention away from navigating your website. A better direction to go is to have a tab for a gallery. If your website requires a chat or customer service, direct visitors to a separate page.

Convey Information through Visuals

The point of your website is to give your visitors information that is easy to understand. Avoid having a text-rich home page and go for photos instead. If your website is tied up with other brands, incorporate their logos in your website. Save your company’s product description for the ‘About Us’ page and other sections. The most basic idea in having a working website is to appeal to your customers and share information about your company. Remember that design goes beyond aesthetic appeal and style; it is about function determining form. If you have a business set up in New Orleans and want to get a website, you’ll want to hire a Baton Rouge SEO service provider to make sure it’s designed well.

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