Monday, December 22, 2014

Virtual Habits Adjustment

Smart phones have adjusted our online habits. Online shopping, reviews, browsing, gaming—we do so much with our phones. All the more, any business needs responsive web design in order to be viewed properly on every device, may it be smart phone, laptop, desktop, or a TV set. 


Each page on your site requires a lot of code tweaking with browser detection and mobile device detection to adjust on a phone’s lack of JavaScript. The tricky part is that effectiveness on deducing HTML and CSS features still depends on its conjunction towards a device’s database capabilities.

A mobile responsive site will be opened on different types of smartphones. Testing it with emulators is required to check if your site resizes correctly, which makes panning, scrolling easier when navigating.

Let the Pros Do It.

If you want to do this yourself, then you must dedicate at least a few months of your life, studying and coding, and testing. While that can be quite rewarding, you might not have the luxury of time as you run your business. A great option is to ask a Baton Rouge SEO firm like Red Stick SEO to do the task for you. Check out what they can do (http://redstickseo.com/services-we-offer/web-design/) then contact them immediately. To keep up with the revolution created by smartphones not only for you, but for customers as well.

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