Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Why Include LinkedIn in Your SEO Efforts

Everyone knows that Google is the world’s leading search engine but that does not mean that you should limit your SEO efforts to Google alone. In fact, many of today’s social media platforms and networking sites are getting more and more popular each day. LinkedIn, for example, is a business centered networking site that, when optimized properly, can be a great help to its visibility. Here’s how:

1.     Publishing Feature for Premium Members
In 2014, LinkedIn introduced a publishing feature that allows premium members to use it as a marketing tool. In turn, LinkedIn became a highly valued source of quality information that can be shared to a company’s audiences and customers.

2.    LinkedIn Groups
LinkedIn allows its users the freedom to connect freely with each other. If your company is looking to establish authority and build your brand, nothing boosts profile activity like joining in groups. Raise your rankings by contributing information and actively participating.

3.    More Focus on Content
Unlike social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter where users can easily get distracted, LinkedIn is dedicated to focusing on content since it is centered on business. This way, your content will more than likely drive your message home.

4.    Helping Along Other SEO Efforts
LinkedIn boasts of its high domain authority and is therefore more noticeable in the eyes of search engines. Optimize your LinkedIn profile by adding keywords and using like tactics.

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