Thursday, July 17, 2014

Networking Tips for LinkedIn with Social Media and SEO in Baton Rouge

Businesses oftentimes need the help of other such entities to survive and outlast the competition, which is why networking should be an essential part of building your enterprise. If you don’t want to scour every networking event in Louisiana’s capital personally, you can always look for potential clients and stakeholders through LinkedIn.

Generate Expert Content

You can hit two birds with one stone if you invest in content creation, especially about expert tips and information on your industry, and posting them on social media sites. Not only will you be helping other businesses, you’ll also score some sweet points with your Baton Rouge SEO campaign.

Use Notifications to Be Active

Check what other LinkedIn users are doing with their careers or businesses, and make it a point to congratulate people on achievements and important milestones. Increasing your LinkedIn activity this way assures people that there’s a person behind your account and brand name – someone they might eventually want to do business with.

Pump Up Your Profile

Make sure that you completely fill out all important sections of your profile page, and update them from time to time whenever significant changes arise. A good tip would be to keep your business summary in bulleted form instead of sentences or paragraphs for your potential readers to understand it easily.

Connect and Be Connected

Put your LinkedIn profile on your business card so your prospective clients know to connect with you through social media. Moreover, you should also put the link on emails and online directories so people could easily find your profile whenever they need to contact you. Efficient networking through LinkedIn mixes elements of both social media and SEO in Baton Rouge to get the word out where it’s needed the most.

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