Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Four Business-to-Business Marketing Trends That You Should Do

As you lay the foundation of your marketing strategy, here are five marketing trends to give your business a jumpstart on your big projects for the rest of this year and the following years.

Get to know your customers

Dig deeper into customization and personalization strategies to find the small, yet profitable subsets of your market. Micro-targeting these customers will require data to create the kind of one-to-one conversations. Commit to a buyer persona that lets you dive into needs, lifestyle, and motivation of your buyers.

Spend your money on the right content and platform

The days of free reach are over. If you don’t pay, your followers very likely won’t see anything you’re doing in the social realm. Understand which digital properties are performing best for you. Build budgets and relationships around content placement, opportunities, and platforms. Pair posts with strong calls to action and supporting elements.

Dominate Mobile

Fine-tune your mobile strategy for content execution. Employ dynamic display technology to adjust content offers and images sizes based on user’s screen resolution. Power-up your social media channels with micro-content to draw viewers’ attention.

Quality Content Will Spotlight the Importance of Professional Writers

Be prepared to provide in-depth creative briefs and make internal documentation available to give your writer a complete view of what you’re trying to accomplish and your target audience. To have these online marketing strategies for your business, hire a Baton Rouge SEO company like RedStick SEO. For more information, visit us at http://redstickseo.com/

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