Friday, May 29, 2015

Top Social Media Platforms for SMO

Social media has been a big help for marketing and even though there are a lot of platforms to choose from, there are a few who take the lead and make the greatest impact in business’ efforts to reach out and foster loyalty. These social media platforms are easy to use and most marketing companies use them to disseminate information and engage their customers.


Facebook is the most popular of all simply because so many people are in it. Most target markets are richly represented there, and marketers are more than happy to make the most of the diversity.


Twitter’s 140 character limit is a challenging puzzle that many marketers have spent forever trying to crack. How do you state your message with only so many words? Other than that, Twitter is popular, accessible, and so simple that it’s easy to imagine why it has huge marketing potential.


Google+ gets so many brownie points for being directly affiliated with the biggest reasons why the SEO industry exists! Despite being less popular than Facebook, Google+ has attracted a very vocal and loyal group of users that lean towards more specific tastes.


Sometime in the past half century or so, people have changed how they absorb information. YouTube is a milestone of this shift from static images and text to moving video. Capitalize and capture your audience with a striking production.

These social media platforms can be hard for small business owners to understand their first time. For such people, a reliable Baton Rouge SEO firm is available to help them navigate this new social media landscape.

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