Friday, May 29, 2015

The Significance of Finding the Right Keywords

Keywords are the foundation of search engine optimization (SEO). The ranking your website can obtain through SEO will depend on your use of the right keywords. Here are basic steps on maximizing keywords in your online marketing strategy.

Keyword Study

Identify the words and phrases that best relate to your business. Research about them. Check how popular the words are by typing them into a search engine. Google has a search term suggestion tool that can automatically propose keywords as you type; this helps determine the popularity of such keywords, as well the phrases often used in combination with them. You can look into popular sites and see whether they use these keywords.

Popularity and Ranking

Discard the most popular keywords—there’s too much competition in that area. If everyone is using “best shoe store” then the results of that search will be tilted by other factors like external links. It’s better to try to aim for keywords that have search value and haven’t been used too much. Once you’ve ranked your keywords, you’ll have a working list of keywords to use.

Having a base set of keywords is just the beginning of the process in properly marketing your business with SEO. Now, to implement this properly and effectively, you’ll need a professional SEO company to customize all the other online marketing and promotional services your business might need to drive your brand and your website’s visibility across the different online marketing platforms.

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