Thursday, July 3, 2014

A Guide to Writing Content for SEO that Baton Rouge Firms should Follow

Panda and Penguin started it; Hummingbird is perfecting it. Thanks to the latest Google algorithm, search engine optimization or SEO techniques today should focus on content creation instead of keyword stuffing or other techniques that appeal only to web crawlers. In today’s online marketing world, reader-friendly content is king.

Audience Priority

What better way to write content that people can understand and get information from than actually writing with people in mind? Identify the target market for your business in Louisiana and choose topics for Baton Rouge SEO content that you know will interest them and keep them reading.

Business Blog

Thanks to these new guidelines, there’s absolutely no reason not to set up a blog for your website. Create unique content as often as you can (produce new ones every month, if possible) using SEO-optimized keywords that hopefully can generate some backlinks for your site. Be sure to keep your posts related to your business, though.

Catch with Headlines

Write catchy headlines that will instantly grab the attention of whoever happens to visit your website. Whether you’re writing stuff to post solely on your site, or for social media sharing purposes, clear and interesting headlines (without going over the top) are half the battle.

Don’t Farm Links

“Link farming” is a process that’s frowned upon and in fact banned by major search engines. It relies on mass purchase of links that lead back to your site. SEO practices in Baton Rouge today relies on natural link building, and that can be accomplished by writing quality content that people will want shared.

Keep your SEO efforts up-to-date by focusing on excellent quality content generation. In doing so, you are helping your business efficiently reach out to your target market and reel in some real and loyal customers or clients.

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