Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Finding Your Way in Baton Rouge’s Online Community

Baton Rouge, Louisiana’s capital city boasts of a rich history. Prior to its founding as an American city, the French, English, and Spanish have occupied the city—all influences that are traceable on its name and its flag. Recently, Bernardo de Galvez, who was one of the city’s founders and defenders as well as the Spaniard who became Governor of Louisiana prior to its American founding, was honored by the House of Representatives with a portrait of him.

Now what does Baton Rouge’s past have to do with today’s life in the city? Comparing the achievements of our forefathers is a way of figuratively showing how and where communities are built today. The New World is a virtual one, of the lives we create online with social-networking platforms and the kind of businesses that thrive in them.

Doing business on the Internet is a venture that takes two to tango: providing services and promotions. An SEO company aids local businesses with online campaigns. The company also works as a guide, messenger, and to an extent, an online catalogue. Finding your way in Baton Rouge’s online community begins with SEO; however, such a highly technical marketing method can be difficult for businesses to take on by themselves.

The varied historical traces of Baton Rouge show how the city was born and kept. In an online community, companies would have to seek help from an SEO company as the foundation of a thriving and successful business. Find your way, but be guided.

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