Friday, August 22, 2014

Essential Elements of Effective SEO

Search engine optimization is important for any business that wants a share of the online marketing spotlight, as this process allows search engines to index your site and rank it in their results pages. This can be a very complex system, since search engine algorithms are constantly changing. Nonetheless, there are some elements that have always remained true:

Quality Content
Businesses should write for their visitors first, and not just for the sake of search engine rankings. For this reason, giants like Google are advocating the delivery of quality, readable, relevant, and fresh content. This way, visitors will be greeted by informative, educational, or promotional content that they can actually appreciate.

User Experience
To this end, companies are also encouraged to improve the user experience of their sites and pages. This means better accessibility, smooth navigation, and as already mentioned, relevant content. A large part of improving user experience also means making sure that your pages load quickly and easily without sacrificing much of the quality of the media in them like photos and videos.

Link building is important to SEO mainly because it increases your site’s visibility as it shows up in other websites or blogs. However, search engine algorithms today are actively discouraging link farming, or creating shady pages and sites for the sole purpose of generating backlinks. Instead, organic link building to reliable sites is the best way to go.

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