Sunday, August 17, 2014

Social Media is Now the New Business Card

If you’re still standing outside your business handing out flyers and business cards, you need to vamp up your advertising strategy. Let’s face the hard facts: technology has taken over the world as we know it and it’s not going anywhere soon. Everywhere you look people are on their tablets and smartphones, googling for the next hottest trend. If you stick to the traditional methods of advertising, no one will notice you exist.

Twitter, Facebook, Google +, and LinkedIn are the modern day business cards. And what’s better, is that you reach more people without spending a fortune on printing costs.

It’s Time to Optimize

If you’re new to the social media optimization world, don’t get scared, it’s all pretty basic. The first thing to remember is that SMO is just a platform to create brand awareness to a wider audience, making a wider pool for potential future loyal customers. Extending your reach may not be easy, especially if you have no experience. This is where the Baton Rouge SEO experts of Red Stick come in to help.

With years of experience in the social media marketing industry, the transition of your business to SMO will be a breeze. 

What to Look Forward to Once You’ve Optimized

When you’ve started your road to social media optimization, you’ve also started to build your brand. Your customers will start to notice your presence as more leads will start turning in and website traffic will pile up. Because you are now available online, your customers will be able to access your products and services at their convenience. They can also give comments, feedback, and reviews which will boost your credibility to others. After all, the loyalty and recommendations of your customers are the best kind advertising you can get.

Forget about the flyers and the calling cards; those are things of the past. The future and the success of your business is now in the hands of social media optimization. It’s time to broadcast your business for the world to see with the help of the Baton Rouge SEO experts of Red Stick SEO.

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